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Some people have mentioned it but others say it's barely noticeable.

This is a major point for me and I'm just wondering have they gotten rid of it?


12 December 2001
Generally, it does not depend on your PS2. It only depends on the camera view + angle settings + stadium you're playing with.

They reduced slowdown in WE9 (wide cam, that is) A LOT. You will still notice it a tiny bit sometimes, but overall it doesn't hamper gameplay at all.


18 August 2005
i have a patched WE8 and WE9, and in WE8, the slowdown was very noticable on corners, and if you had a corner in the rain ... well, it looked like everyone had gone back to the 80's and were dancing the Robot

they have reduced it in WE9 .. but i still get a little bit of slowdown, only got my PS2 the other day with latest mod chip in it as well.
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