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Some shooting and control questions


Fenerbahce Fan
17 August 2003
When shooting (lets say the goal is at right, our player is at left directly facing to the goal) how does pressing up, down, left, right affect the shoot?

Pressing Up shoots the ball to the up corner of the goal, right?
Does pressing Left make the ball lift?
And pressing right shoots the ball to the center of the goal?

I'm confused. What about up/right down/right up/left down/left?

At freekicks can you give curve when you shot with UP+Shoot or DOWN+Shoot? It is hard to give curve with respect to Shoot and Shoot+Triangle styles.

I use Type 5 for crosses. To cross the exact point i want. I can adjust the cross power as i want but i have problems when directing. If i use analog stick, can i cross to more accurate direction? Because you have 8 possible directions from D-Pad, is it more when using analog stick? Or the same?

1st question is important for me. I have problems when shooting from 30-40 meters.



Discovered The FK Bug
30 November 2003
SL Benfica
I think that the D-Pad directions are the 8 directions you have, when facing the goal as if you were really on the field.
For your example, a player shooting a right/down shot will get you a low shot to the right post (if not with exaggerated power) and a up+left will get it to the upper left corner.


Fenerbahce Fan
17 August 2003

I've read the thread and here is what i understood:

My player is at C.

While shooting pushing UP, UP+RIGHT: To the corner 1
DOWN, DOWN+RIGHT: To the corner 2
RIGHT: To the center of the goal

What about UP+LEFT, DOWN+LEFT and LEFT?


Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
MegriM® said:
What about UP+LEFT, DOWN+LEFT and LEFT?
Not sure why you want to continue the discussion in this thread when the other one has far more useful information in it. Ask in the other thread and someone will be able to answer you. There's no real point in having multiple threads about shooting. Best to keep all the knowledge and answers in one thread.

I never use the back directions when shooting. As mentioned in the other thread.


Fenerbahce Fan
17 August 2003
Radolno said:
I don't know if pushing "backwards" (left in this case) on your d-pad when shooting does anything.
I think pushing backward while shooting, floats the shot. But i'm not very sure.
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