still a little bit of lag - is it down to me?


11 August 2006
Hey guys

been playing online alot today since the servers seem to have got back working properly but i'm still getting these 2sec pauses during games which are really annoying as i'm sure you would agree if you've ever suffered from them

before when it happened i put it down to the dodgy servers but now 2 of my mates on the same 2mb connection as me tell me their game runs smoothly

i dunno what it is on my end causing me to suffer these little pauses happening loads during games and its kinda stopping me from enjoying Pro Evo online as much as i should

only difference between me and them is that i use wireless - they both have routers but are wired connections - could the wireless be doing it to me?

if not that then what else? would appreciate any help any of you could give me to get the best out of online play, thanks in advance


23 April 2006
Yes, wireless connection is not suitable for online gaming. It´s because the data can´t be transfered the same and fast way, as an ordinary connection does.

Bottomline: wireless sucks for online gaming bro :(


11 August 2006

i'm in the process of getting an e-net cable to connect from my router to my PC wired - hopefully that will solve it.

Other than that i have no idea what else it could be ???

The Tedster

wireless dont help but that aint the reason he is getting lag still.. i have 8 meg and do not have wireless but i am still getting lag on the opponents half... I am afraid its just the way it is on pro evo


11 August 2006
i'm getting lag - although only slightly (its the little sort of "stop-starts" if you get me) in both halves though whereas the person i play against says his whole game runs smooth

its not fair :(


11 August 2006
hey guys

just wanted to let you all know that since i've used a wired connection from my router the game runs smoothly now

i'm so relieved as like i say, the stupid little pauses were ruining the game online for me

first game i played i was beating this guy 6-0 with 30mins still to play and he disconnected! lol


Chopper Harris
8 August 2003
Had similar problem using wireless connection on Pes5 (worked fine before I got wirless router). Ran a wired cable and everthing fine so I would agree wireless is not the best for gaming.
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