Strictest Ref


League 2
1 April 2005
Does anybody know if there is any difference in strictness between referees in pes6? I remember in a French guide for PES4 it gave you stats for referees and the top 3 strictest were Jose Trueva, Cart White & Kazuki Ito. I have tried these refs in pes6 yet still there are so many blatant fouls in the game that go unrecognised!


League 2
3 July 2006
I also noticed that Japaneese guy got tha highest strict stats.. they dont have stats for tha refs anymore in WE10 and PES6.. they used to have that last year.. but now i think tha 7 referees r still different from each other.. they're not tha same.. its just Konami who dont want to show us tha stats.. but i think if anyone focus on their actions we can easily determine each ones strictness for fouls and cards.. coz referees r an important aspect of tha game.. if he's strict not.. that makes a big difference
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