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13 December 2002
Everton fc
Had the same problem as a lot of you guys on here, with a bit of a stutter.

What fixed it for me was 6 years of speach theropy ;)

only joking

First lock your refresh rate to 60, then turn off vsync, and set it to high, on 1280x1024.

Runs stutter free on mine sound is still in sync, and there is no visable screen tearing.

Seems to me that there is a major problem with the sound engine, which has been a problem since pes3 on pc, that them lazy cunts havent bothered to fix.


The stuttering gets less, the longer you play. If I play another match straight after my first game, the stuttering is gone. I think it's a memory caching problem (due to a programming mistake- perhaps not optimised for ATI graphics cards).

The problem will only be truly resolved with a patch. Perhaps Konami are aware of this issue, but had to stick to their release deadline. Hopefully it won't take long for a patch to arrive- like when PES 3 was released for the PC.

Athlon 64 +3200
Audigy 2
1GB PC 3200 DDR
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6 August 2003
ok here is what i did, to reduce the stutter amount.

first of all the stutter in the game for was like for 1 halftime ( 10 min match )

my spex is
p4 3.2 ghx
1.5 GB duall DDRAM
ati9800 XT latest ati driver

i went into the ATI control panel and chosed the Anti aliasian to max and AF to max, and quality to max in eveything,

and game settng also to high, at 1280x1024.

so i started the game, not only the game looks more beautifull and crispy.
but the stutter time reduced from 5 mins down to 10 sec.!!
so i only have 10 sec of stutter now in the begnning of the the match, ONLY when i start a new game.. ( closing pes and openiing again)

anyways try and lemme know

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