Teamwork - What for?


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25 October 2001
i remember a master league campaign in one of the older versions of PES and i wanted to see what the teamwork, if anything did....i really do think it altered the way passes were played and recieved from one player to another, for example i would be playing a through ball along the floor from my defensive midfielder to the forward they had the best team work with and often that ball would slip all the way through, being weighted enough to pass the midfield and defence, and the forward recieving the pass would make the right run and take the ball in his stride...

I actually forgot about doing that but this topic reminded me, but i do recall playing the game trying to use the players with the best teamwork each time and to me it really did seem to make a difference.


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20 June 2004
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yeah that's right. i remember a quote from seabass in an older version of the piggyback guide where he confirms that teamwork affects the accuarcy of long, short and through passes.



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21 June 2004
i don't think its the actual accuracy, but the runs / positioning of the receiver that makes for that 'better accuracy' to happen, because they run or is where the ball is passed onto.

I also noticed that players with low teamwork stats / or they just joined the team (hence low tw stats with their new teammates) would inexplicable drift out of position often, and this leads to holes and spaces for opponent to run into.


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1 October 2003
Think about it logically, if a team has an overall better teamwork rating then they're going to work better as a team, which would effect things like runs, positioning of defenders and attackers, first time passes and the like. If you want a really simple (but time consiming) way to tell try playing a game with a club like Chelsea on exhibiton where they'll all have 80 something teamwork, then start an orginial team master league, but all their players at the selection stage and see how much worse they play.

My centrebacks, fullbacks and D mids on ML mode have 90 + something, with dmf both have covering stats, so if one defender leaves his position the dmf is there befote you notice, makes defending a bit easier.


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7 August 2005
You can also view the teamwork ratings between individual players in your team by clicking one of the buttons (forget which, right now) on the formation screen.

When you select one player, you can see lines and a rating to all the other players in your team, so you can tell which players will play better together....useful for making good striking partnerships, etc.

I did used to pay close attention to this but lsot interest when the over-riding cpu cheats cancel out the effects.


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1 April 2005
How can you tell what a team's teamwork is like? I know about the little triangle thing but is there an exact stat?


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1 October 2003
Press circle on formation. 70-79 is alright, 80-89 is good, 90-99 is great. That's why if you play like six new players in a ML game you always do shite.


6 September 2006
Undoubtedly, very high team work ability helps you play better as a team in many ways. It is a combination of increased accuracy in passing and of better positioning of the players. Every single element in the stats plays its role and has its significance. Pes6 is a very "clever" game.


7 October 2002
I can confirm Bailzebub's feedback.

In psx versions I also used to to that and it did influence the gameplay. I always picked the best options whatching the "teamwork thread". It made all the difference. I have to try it again.


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1 April 2005
Is there a thread explaining how teamwork works? I went into the change player section of the formation settings & pressed circle to see the team work but the percentages kept on changing as I scrolled through each player!


24 April 2006
The percentages change, because it shows the teamwork between the player you selected and the other players in the field.
Teamwork allows players to play better together, to cover each other better and to make better runs and join in on attacks more.

If you raise the teamwork of a team, there will be less gaps left in defence and more players joining on attacks and making runs.

If you combine this with mentality increases the team will play a lot better.

I know this as I release option files which change the way the game plays and have spent a quite a bit of time changing these stats.


28 June 2002
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this is a great topic!

I was wondering, i had a look at this with my Espanyol ML team.

One of the CB's Jarque had a really good relationship with the striker Tamudo. Doe sthis mean i could ping balls forward quickly from the back and the little fella is more likely to latch onto them, than if i tried it with the other CB ?


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