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The Mighty Boosh!!! 2nd Series.


31 October 2002
Anyone a fan of this??

The 2nd series started last nite on BBC3, its feckin quality.

Its kinda bizzare but original and very well written.

you can download the episodes from the BBC website or catch the 2nd episode next Tuesday.

Professor Nutmeg

ML Fanatic
3 July 2002
Master League
Superb! Loved the first series, and watched last nights. They show the new episodes online before showing them on tv. The second one looks class. Rudy "Jazz Fusion Guitarist" is back. :lol: I love it when they do music.


31 October 2002
Professor Nutmeg said:
Hmm, this looks like our thread only :-k How can people not watch the Boosh. It's the best thing on tv at the moment.

Nevermind....."Feel the power of my Fusion lick!"
its their loss if they cant get into it!!

I was out last night so i've recorded it gonna watch it later!!
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