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this is how to defend in pes 6



i have found a good way to defend, especially one on one player defending and on the wing against fast players like lenon walcott, just hold down the RT button and be moving backward with a specific player then call another player with X button, just like in this video below, i was using the RT button with ferdinand then I now called a secondary defender to come and tackle using the X button. It works very well for me, it usually slows down the opposition as he is thinking of a way to dribble through then in comes the other defender . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmOh-L7T2yI


League 2
1 April 2005
So this is the PS2 equivalent of holding R2 to control Ferdinand whilst holding square to bring in a secondary defender?


footy klip maestro
25 August 2006
Tottenham Hotspur
i scored a SICK goal with asenal jst now online. no amount of RT could stop it :lol

shame there's no save replay option.


1 January 2004
Thats how i normaly defend and if you keep it up for the whole game u wont concede unless the opposition scores a wonder goal which is very rare
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