This is PES6 FE for me.


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21 May 2005
FE is for Frustrating Edition. I dunno if it's the 360 pad, lost all knowledge I had on how to play theese games or a combo of both, but I cannot for the life of me get out of thoughts of everythin is against me with this game. Ok I'm prolly just shite, but I'm playing on regular and it's just feels like a constont blur of a game, it's the equivilent of a sunday mornin match bewtween 2 pub teams, theres no finesse, no structure, no feel of the quality of the players, only thing that I can see that makes a diff is the condition as per usual, but yet when the opposition have quality players it shows.

when balls come into players, 9 times out of 10 opposition takes it, I'm not seeing the improved AI from an attacking POV either. I just don't get it, I've played theese games for years and each time yu have a few things to change and do differently, but it's a relishing challenge, this thing just makes me wanna split the disk in 2.

I aint doin fancy moves, I'm just tryin to play football and it just aint letting me do it, I don't expect it to be easy, I don't want it to be, but I do want it to feel realistic and it just don't. It stresses me out, if any of you have any useful tips I'd greatly appreciate it cause I just am not getting this game whatsoever and it really bugs me as I've been a fan of the series for so long.

Last thing, how the hell do you save a goal? not that I'm scorin any, but when yu press X on replays nothing happens :S

A very disheartened Jabb3r


10 September 2005
na mate theres nothing you can do to make this game better.its pure shite. i just havent got time to explain how bad it is. i regret buying the game man. i looked so forward to playing it and boy was i shocked to how diff the game physics are compared to pes6 ps2.konami have fucked this game up and given us a rushed piece of shit......... man now im getting angry just thinking about it
7 August 2004
Last thing, how the hell do you save a goal? not that I'm scorin any, but when yu press X on replays nothing happens :S
Not possible, and yes it even says it in the manual. Its a rush job and whoever was doing quality control (if they actually do that) needs to be shot, or atleast fired or both!


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25 August 2006
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wtf, its aeasy to score goals... RT is almost a garaunteed goal. and plus i've put together moves with one touch passing that culminate in over 15 passes. man i need to make some new vids.


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21 May 2005
Can't save? you are joking! I just scored a goal with me beloved villa with luke moore straight from kick off, crackin run, best goal I scored so far and I can't save it! Shit me I'm takin this back (sorry for the language)

I still got it on me screen now and came on here to see if someone had replied about me savin question and it's so not what I wanted to hear. :(

Disgrace, absolute disgrace!
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