to everyone who plays online


1 January 2004
post your nicks so that we can all play eachotehr online. mine is jon_da_kiss and jonney, hope to play some of u guys online, lata


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United

I dont play too often. But try to whenever I remember. Just played this guy who picked Brazil when I picked Man Utd. So I told him "Do you have to be Brazil?" And he started acting cocky, telling me to shut up and all. So I'm thinking "Yeah, I'm gonna REALLY kick this guy's ass". Next thing you know, I realise theres 2 of them meaning it 2 vs 1! It was like one of the toughest matches I've ever had. Managed to escape with a 1-1 draw with VDS making a fantastic save in extra time to keep me in it.
Trust me. Playing against 2 guys can be really tough if they know what they're doing. Everytime on guy had the ball, the other would make a really clever run which would be too tough to mark. There were times when I had to manually super cancel some players to perform my own offside trap to stop these guys. You could probably imagine how effective they can be when it comes to attacking or defending crosses. Everytime I was on the wing getting ready to cross, one player would run after me while the other gets into the box to mark my striker. And when attacking, they would do the opposite, one runs down the wing, the other makes himself available in a easy unmarked position where he's open for a tap in. They almost had one mind. I might be giving them more praise than they deserve but they were f*ckin' tough.


7 October 2003

Can never remember who i have played online. It would be nice to have someway of knowing, i.e. in your stats online. Anyway I am sure I have beat a few of you by the odd goal. I defend alot that might jog your memory.
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