Turkish Super Cup Final in Germany 30.07.06 (Galatasaray vs Beşiktaş)


Leoni Rossi
20 March 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Galatasaray SK
Actually, they have the best "Holigan" supporter group but not the best. Because when something goes wrong for Besiktas, they can attack or swear their own players or their president.

Also, I dont think that Besiktas can beat us easily. Because they'vent got teamwork and other players are too young. Plus, they're playing with the "Strongest" deffence in Turkish League with Song, Tomas and Tolga and last Champion! So, Super Cup is not important for me but I'm still thinking that we can beat them with new squad.



24 August 2005
ThomasGOAL said:
Beşiktaş win easy i think because is the best team and the best supporters of Turkey.
its the first time i dont agree with you thomas as I have been following your comments throughout the site.. not because im a galatasaray fan but because besiktas have shown no promise in their friendlies so far this season;)


Champions League
17 February 2006
Offcourse I hope that Galatasaray will win, but Besiktas is a strong team... So, I don't know who will win the game :)


Ohh beeee FORZA BESIKTAS!!!! it was a shit game, but delgado made it entertaining for me :D we showed signs that we can become a great team! we have about 7-9 new players starting off on the field so its gona take a lil more time to adapt.
1 May 2003
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