Turning off CPU substitution animations


28 December 2003
Is there a way to do this ?
I dont mind seeing it for your own players but to wait 3 times in the 2nd half while they load the animation is annyoing.

The previous way where they showed the name coming up was far better, sometimes it seems to do it that way sometimes it doesnt.

Any ideas ?


16 July 2005
I've never seen the subsition for an opponent as a cutscene, the only time was when I substituted at the same time and you could see the double change.


Big Boss
6 July 2004
A.C. Milan
Skip them is good :D :D
You Can turn them off by turning all animations off .. before the match .. it worked in WE8 ..


28 December 2003
nope cant turn them off, I disbled the intro sequence but cant find the "disable all animations"
I get them in all games, whats annoying is when the cpu makes them with 2 seconds togo and you have to wait for it to load just to press a button to skip it!...annyoing
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