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two player?


3 October 2006
Is there anyway to play two player with we9?

I'm guessing no since I can't find out how to do it (ie. one person with controller, one person with keyboard like in Fifa, not that I play that game).


12 September 2005
You need to assign Player 1 to keyboard, then player 2 can use your joypad. Unfortunately Konami don't give you the option to have Player 1 on pad (therefore controlling menus etc) and player 2 on keys.......

I don't suppose they fixed this on PES6 either....


3 October 2006
Ok I'll try it when I get home, I don't remember being able to do it from inside the game, but I'll try outside and inside again.


Red Devils
1 July 2006
Man United
sattan_hussein said:
8 people can play at the same time... you can set controllers in settings.exe or inside the game, in button configuration.
last time i played with 7 other friends
we used fixed players (cant change ur ingame player)
we used brazil and lost to tunisia LOL
it's very confusing to hv 8 players
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