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Uefa Champions League Tournament


19 August 2011
Steaua Bucharest
Hi,I'll organize a tournament in system Uefa Champions League .
I hope that not is no problem. If I not have the permission to organize a tournament,then delete this thread .
We'll play with Shollym Patch Online 2011-2012 .
We'll be 16 players and 4 groups of 4 teams .
We'll play 2 matches with each opponent in groups and knockout phase .
The regulation of the tournament will be this . http://www.evo-web.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=65133

General match rules

Time : 10
Pauses: Long / 9 Pause
Condition : Random
Injuries : OFF
Substitutions: 3
Penalties: NO
Weather : FINE
Winter / Summer

3 screenshots at the end of each gam (both players take SS, one of them posts them in results thread)

1.msn: dany_banelinho@yahoo.com
nick evo-web: DaniSN
nick on FiveServeR: DaniFCSB1947
team: Steaua
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