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unable to enter match room


21 April 2006
a very very weird problem .. i was playing against one of my friends for more than 45 days .. in community and in friendly matches suddenly i can' join any more of his rooms and vice verse always the error unable to join match room while we can play with the folks without any lag and with zero errorz.....

any idea


Champions League
16 April 2002
Did you install Ultimate Team?

If I start Ultimate Team and then quit when the guys come on for clubs then I need to go to the Dashboard and reload before I can join a game.


League 2
15 July 2004
Arsenal "the gunners"
When this happens try this: the player that can' t join must wait for the "unable to enter" message and then go back to the off-line menu of the game and then enter online again.
Meanwhile the match room holder MUST MANTAIN the same match room up. It doesn' t work if the host exit the match room and creates a new one. When you (the guest) enter again the lobby you should be able to join your friend match room you were unable to enter before. It works this way for me with some friends of mine who have a different internet provider than me.
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21 April 2006
um very greatfull .... thank good that i have seen this post befor i buy new router ... i'll try and give u feedback but thank u so muck for concerning
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