Using R2 for a more measured shot


League 2
30 April 2006
Just noticed in another thread that someone uses the R2 button when shooting, which I believe is meant to produce a more accurate shote, albeit with less power. I've tried using this before bit don't notice that it has an affect. I was tapping :r2: when the power bar was rising- was I doing something wrong and do other people find these R2 shots useful?



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25 October 2001
yep i tend to use this often when im using someone like Gerrard or Del Piero or my fav Ruben Baraja who bangs plenty of these R2 shots in, skip about and get a bit of space then try a measured shot like these and i find they tend to go to the corners, a more powerful one floats deftly into the top corner, or a grasscutter using R2 manages to shave the inside of the post for a goal.

Scored one last night in multiplayer actually with R2 which looked like it shouldn't have gone it due to the slow speed and height, but just dipped into the top left corner in time, a fingertip away from the keepers gloves.

I tend to press it before making contact with the ball as i think thats how it works, if you look you can sometimes see the player making an adjustment or sidefooting the ball more than just wellying it with the laces.


I hold r2 whilst shooting, it seems to make a difference.


League 2
1 October 2003
Aim for the top corner if you're a leftie cutting in the 18yrd box on the right, or vice versa, D carvall gets a few of them for me.


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18 March 2006
R2 shooting simply means that the player will opt for a broadside shot rather than doing a "normal" laces shot.

You press R2 anytime after the powerbar has appeared, and a reasonable time before the player shoots. Holding R2, then pressing shot does nothing in particular. :)
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