Vista compatable gamepads


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28 December 2002
Have just upgraded to Windows Vista and the USB to dual PS2 converter I used to use to play PES on PC no longer works.

2 questions. Firstly does anyone know how I can get the converter working with Vista? The PC seems to recognise the controller is plugged in as it works perfectly with emulators, but it won't show up under "Game controllers" in the control panel as it did in XP. This is a link to the product:

Secondly, are most controllers currently on the market compatible with Vista? I know of the "Chillistream" but was hoping to get something similar in design to a PS2 controller. I'm in Tokyo now and from the little I could understand of what the store attendant told me, none are currently compatible. Is this true?


21 January 2007
Xbox controllers work with vista but i'm not sure about any others. New ones will say compatible with vista if they are


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15 December 2005
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i am using a Logitech Chillstream albeit on Windows XP but it is Vista certified.
did you try the logitech website to check if they have updated drivers which would make their gamepads compatible with Vista? i dont know about other gamepads because i have always used Logitech ones.


11 January 2007
my ps2/usb adapter works in vista. it's called a "rockfire psx/usb bridge". i got ripped though. cost me 10 quid from maplins and only supports one controller..... :lol:
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