WE 10

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5 August 2005
Ok just wanna ask if people are finding out the same things as me when playing WE 10.

3 Star is like 1 Star

Far too easy you can walk by the whole team without anybody tackling you and if you hit the target its pretty much a certain goal as the keepers are extremely poor.

5 Star is like 100 Star

Your goolkeeper will save 1 out of every 10 shots on target where as its the opposite for the comps keeper.
Try defending 1 on 1 its almost impossible to put in a decent challenge with the x button and a circle button slide takes 3 seconds to respond so your more likely to foul or be about 5 ft away.
Takling on the whole is far too hard for you and far too easy for the comp.

Of course theres good things too but for me they get totally overlooked because the game is so frustrating on 5 star and so frustratingly easy on 3.

Didn't anybody notice this when they tested it?

And every long shot goes down the middle of the goals or straight into the keepers hands. The keepers are shocking on 5 star buffon palmed 4 shots that were straight at him and weak as water into his own goals 4 times in 1 match aint good enough for a keeper of his standard.


6 March 2005
Man Utd
actually im finding 5 star to be alot easier than it was on WE9. I just hope 6 star is alot harder!
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