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15 August 2003
Well been playing for a month or so now, and i still still get the niggling feeling something is wrong with this game. I'll play a few games, have a good couple of games and score some nice goals and think 'yeah this is right' and then ill play a few games and everything seems to be wrong with it. Why?

Well one thing i have constantly noticed now is the pitches. Ok im not talking textures although they are crap but they seem oddly small. Now i play on broadcasting so i thought it might be the angle but wehn i stuck We9 on the players are fractionally small, but the pitches are bigger. The players in we10 are bigger and taller, couple that with the cpus way of pressing the ball and you get some really cluttered centre circles which really annoys me.

Also i've noticed that for the next gen they have to fix the way players move they are now too rigid. not as rigid as fifa but they dont move freely anymore. Yeah they can dribble but because of the directions they are limited too it still doesnt work, its as if konami masked it with new moves but it wears off after a little.

The most angering part of it all, is how plain the whole game looks. naff textures, crappy kit templates, horrible colours, boring balls, small pitches, it just looks rubbish. Compare it to fifa world cup, and yeah konami have the superior game but the pitches are bigger and to the relative size of the players, the textures are better, its just better.(NOT THE KITS OR MODELS)

For the first time this year i never bought this game from konami, yeah i know its wrong but konami need to learn to build on something, they have become lazy through success.I think konami need a preveriable kick up the arse.


Part Timer
21 February 2003
antred said:
Compare it to fifa world cup, and yeah konami have the superior game but the pitches are bigger and to the relative size of the players, the textures are better, its just better.(NOT THE KITS OR MODELS)
Unless you're talking about WC2006 on the 360, I cant agree with you Antred. WC2006 is like a carnival or circus with its colours and presentation. It's like the tacky cheap plastic jewellery, compared to the stirling Silver that is WE/PES. Sure it may look brighter and contain more vibrant colours, but it's not got any class or proper sparkle. ;)


I agree that FIFA's front end is better than WE's. Konami could learn a thing or two in that department.


8 June 2006
That is the thing I despise about WE and PES, you could play two games with a smile on your face then the next game turns you into a raging animal.

I played with my cousin on the same team, on 5 stars it was just amazing, the cursors wouldn't change, the passes were atrocious and 4 mph bollocks so to put it bluntly, you couldn't do shit.

On 4 stars it was all smooth for most matches, cursor changed instantly, passes were better and you could actually win the ball.

And I don't agree with people who say FIFA looks better, in my eyes it's crap, WE/PES is more crisp and apart from the obvious licenses FIFA has nothing to offer.

WE is amazing some games and then the next match it turns into the complete opposite with the cheating AI etc.


13 March 2005
NW London
Fifa's graphics are poor, I really don't get why folk say its better. Sure some of the animations are class, specially the first time shots and passes, and most of the trapping animations. Although yes, the thing that lets PES and We down is the default balls, and the pitches.

Hopefully the pitches aren't small with cluttered gameplay in PES6, I'd really hate that. We need to make the pitches bigger, but I guess they are limited by the variety of screen sizes and resolutions. You should play in Wide though, its the only camera angle for me.

eddy edwards

2 September 2003
Biggest thing I have found with we10 is the keepers seem worse than previous incarnations. Too many times does the computer get into the area and then unleash an unstoppable blaster that the keeper doesn't dive until it's hit the nets - in other words reaction of a sloth. Also too many shots from outside the area are parried by the keeper up into the air for a striker to react on the rebound. Yeah there's some superb animations for the odd spectacular save but far too often a shot goes straight at the keeper, not particularly hard and he parries it slightly to the left or right straight into the path of the striker...we9jl for me is still the best version.....


8 June 2006
The keepers are shocking really, they don't come for corners and when they do they spill it, they barely save a single shot, I mean I played two matches and with their first ever shot in the match they scored, this happens far too much really.

Me and my cousin played Inter on 6 star with Real, they scored 2 goals from corners because they win headers 9 times out of 10 and as usual the keeper saves absolutely nothing, we still won 5-3 but for us to score it takes alot of work, their keeper is phenomenal whereas ours is downright disgraceful.

Plus I score alot where the keeper does the most retarded attempt at a save, he just drops down and doesn't even do anything else when it's clearly obvious he could've and should've saved it.

I would give the keepers on WE10 a 1 out of 10, they really are that bad.


Well, I think it's good that the keepers are a little worse, but they might have taken it too far. In the previous games, the goalkeepers never made mistakes, they were inhuman and could pluck the ball out of the air from a rocket shot in to the top corner, it was stupid. At least now they make mistakes like gk's do in real life, although it could do with some tweaking as they sometimes do some really crazy stuff.
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