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We10 problem to patch


5 August 2005
Hello there...

I have a problem with we 10. As you all now the size of the original game is 4gigs. When i try to patch it and have to resize the 0-text, I put all files on HD patch the game with dkz and then i burn the game with nero on udf-iso.

Situation is that at the end of the burning the dvd appear wit 1.6 gigs and when i put the game on my ps2 it doesnt work.

Want to know if this problem happend to anyone else and how can i resolve it.

Thanks :mrgreen:


Forza Reggina
28 August 2004
Reggina Calcio
burn with dvd-decrypter (x1/x2)... it is supposed to be smaller in size


Champions League
23 February 2004
but how can he burn it with dvd decryptor when he has extract the afs files from the iso?


FIFA fan, PES lover
24 April 2006
Johannesburg, South Africa
Manchester United
when you play a patched game does your game take extra long to load and sometimes get's stuck, and it seems that it struggles to read the disk i'm having this problem and it's killin me


5 August 2005
Thanks for answer you all...

To apply the patch i need to extract all files to a folder on HD. Those files are 1.63gigs. I patch the 0_text and the J_text, the size doesnt change to much but it change a little. Then i put all files on nero, in ISO/UDF and burn it at 4x.

Hope with this info someone tell me why the game doesnt work.
But the way it appear playstation 2 and then it return to ps2 menu. When it appear the memory.



Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
They are on the mix patches.

And you can keep your :applause: to yourself.

Expect lots of help in the future :roll:


5 August 2005
jambotommy said:
No need for the sarcasm mate,Zyg was just trying to help.
There is not sarcasm, there are too many types of patch.
PPF and dkz, and my problems is when i need to put all files to HD and patch it with DKZ.

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