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Edmundo 22

League 1
11 November 2003
Does WE8i need to patched with pes4(1.01) patch? or another we8i patch? or doesnt need to be patched?

can we8i owners play pes4 opponents online ? or do you need to have the same exact game?



We8i can be patched with another we8i patch. I don't know if you can mix pes/we8 files.Patches make the game look 100x better.The editing community is awesome.
PES plays PES... WE plays WE.. i have tried to play pes peeps and it don't work.(i have we8i)
The PES launcher seems to have the most people, but you can't play them if they're on the other side of the planet.The launcher supports both games.
Anything else - search it :)
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