WE9, dvd swap and knife trick



im having trouble getting my copy of we9 working.
for all the series my technique has been AR2, then insert Dead or Alive 2, then use the knife trick to swap DOA2 for the Winning Eleven Disk.
For some reason i do not know, i cannot get WE9 to load using this method. The screen stays black but flickers at one point, appearing intially to read
something maybe, but it stays black.
i have tried the exact same disk in a friend's ps2 who has an actual chip, and it works there fine, so that rules out any issues with media or the burning process.
so is it:
a) my laser? yet i have no problems with other games, real or backed up copies
b) is DOA2's toc not big enuff? i also tried booting using Vice City, not sure if its bigger,but anyway same result, no we9. the we9 iso is like 2gig anyway so cant be this.

anyway, i have no clue whats wrong.
any suggestions???????????


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14 August 2003
Never heard of that method before, I think it would be much easier to just shell out for Swap Magic 3 and just do the swap once. It's also a lot quicker than AR.



Posts like this make me laugh...

Using a knife trick? :shock: Do the swap once?? :lol: :lol:

Why not buy a DMS4 Professional? It's the best mod chip.

I never had any problems with it. No knife or fork trick required... :lmao:


True, for just one game it does not make sense to mod the machine. But gillgill says 'yet i have no problems with other games, real or backed up copies', so he talk about several games.

To each his own. I prefer mod chip. Has also other advantages. Can even play my old PS1 backup games, no more DVD Country code and much more.


18 August 2005
if you were a true WE fan you would mod your PS2 for this game ... heck, i've bought a chipped PS2 here in Turkey to take back to England so i can play WE and then PES with patches ... is there anyway of finding out what Mod Chip your PS2 has ? at the plae i got it they said it was a SUMO ...


when i saw 5 replies i got my hopes up.
thanks for answering the damn question.
beatswiss, im not getting a chip.

any1 else with some actual insight?


8 October 2004
if u've got a mate with a modchip/swapmagic...try it round there, if it doesn't work its the disc.....

if it does then u know it wont work with AR....get swap magic......


Don't know which version of Winning Eleven 9 you are running but. I have a swap magic dvd and the slide tool. Playing the game patched with Fernando's English patch ver. 3.0 and everything works fine. It works fine with the original japanese version too.

But with the newest (?) Fernando's patch 4.0 it doesn't work at all. The problem is just what you described. Just a black screen, flickers at one point and seems all the time to be reading the dvd. Left it there for something like a half an hour but it still stayed black and wouldn't work. And of course I tried to patch my original again to another dvd but it didn't help. Version 4.0 didn't work on my friends Ps2 either which has a modchip.

Dunno if this is helping at all but I think you should check which version you have and maybe try version 3.0 or the original.

Edit: didn't notice that you have tried it on another Ps2. So maybe it's not the version. But the problem is the same.

Maybe you should buy a swap magic disk or something.
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Ive just got my Swap Magic and a copy of the game through this morning. Had some problems getting it to work, at first I wouldnt even get swap magic to boot the disc.

After a few minutes of fiddling and making sure the magic tool was installed properly, I managed to get the game to start loading but it took an eternity to get from the black flickering screen to the option loading screen. Thats as far as I have got with it.

Edit: I've managed to get the game working now, but it took me about 10 mins to get the game to load, I thought it wasnt doing anything, went to make a brew and when I'd come back it had loaded. Hey Presto!


10 December 2004
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beatswiss said:

Posts like this make me laugh...

Using a knife trick? :shock: Do the swap once?? :lol: :lol:

Why not buy a DMS4 Professional? It's the best mod chip.

I never had any problems with it. No knife or fork trick required... :lmao:
I prefare my ps2 chipped , ther is a no solder one out now that makes it really easy to do , but to laugh at someone just cause they dont do your method little stupid , guess what u may be gay, but cause it works for u doesnt mean I'm gonna try it. Guess what I never even laughed during that answer ;)


I have a fliptop which does the job nicely for me. I've never heard of the triple swap method before. I'd recommend to try burning the disc at a lower speed or maybe putting the ps2 on it's side (like with disc read errors). If these don't work try getting swap magic 3, I've never had any problems with it.

And beatswiss, about the modchips. I actually bought one but was unable to install it. I had a professional electrician to help me, but for some reason we couldn't get to the motherboard. That's why fliptop and swapmagic works fine for me:D
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