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We9: Kit as a patch




well i've read a lot of thread about kits. I couldnt find an answer for what iam looking for. Hope some of u guys wont get pissed but will be there a patch with all the original jersey and club logo's. Gloves etc.
Kinda a patch with all the original logos,names of each player on every team, numbers... etc..

i know its hard work just wanted to know if someone is on it ?. I just know that fernando did a great job translating we9 :applause: :applause: but i dont know anybody who is doing this mega patch. The good old we6 days.. there was a mega 250 mb patch ;) hope someone else is working on it


that would be grat.

dont kill me :shock:

thx indian
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They are working on figuring out how to import kits. It cannot be done yet.
Wait a while and they should have it sorted. When they achieve it, you'll read all about it.



searched kits for we8 and we8fe. seems like it was not possiblle for that releases :(

know anything how good the chances are ?
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