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we9 on ps3



Hi people im new on here so probably gonna ask a question thats been answered 1000 times before!

Right, got a jap ps3 and just got a winning eleven 9 cheap.

Obvious question is how, if possible can i convert it to english?

Never done anything like this before as ive always had the pal version consoles and games. So basically can someone give a divvy a step by step guide of how its done!



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11 December 2002
can't be done sorry, no-one has got a way of playing adjusted software (other than the option file) on the PS3 to date.


So if i convert it on my ps2, i can then tranfer the data to my ps3??? :-k


You would need to edit the text files in the game in order to make it into english. Just changing the Option File isnt enough. You cannot play a Burned Copy of WE on a PS3 (no way of doing it as of yet)
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