WE9 - Post The Good Points Here!!

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4 July 2005
Am I the only person on this forum that loves WE9?

All im reading is complaint after complaint on how crap the game is and what Konami have done wrong this time around!

What about what Konami have done right!!

What features are we loving about about WE9. What is making you guys wanna play this game again and again.

I know there are some people that actually are pleased with this game. You are around here somewhere! I mean for God's sake the game is already here and there's not much else we can do about it but try and get the best out of it!

This thead is for positives only not negatives please

Chris Davies

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14 May 2003
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It's incredible. The gameplay is so much better, and yet they've only tweaked a few things. The freedom of movement and the CPU cheating being reduced is just brilliant, the R2 shot thing is a welcome addition, (I think) the new dribbling system is a lot more realistic (harder but more real)... You can actually head the ball now, passing is a lot more crisp...

No PES\WE has ever been my favourite game. SWOS, Football Manager, Oddworld, Battlefield etc. have been more fun for me. But now, nothing tops WE9.


Well the game isnt crap, but the flaws really make it unplayable for me, but as you said it has alot of new stuff.

Well they added the ability to change kits before game so we can swap it around to save any clashing, we can change radar colour which will be good when we import our own kits, we can use special hair on any player we want, stats work in ML, you can put players into the free agent poole and you can make very good strips.....

List goes on, but as I said this is overshadowed by the disgracefull AI.


Hi there

Me too, I love the game.

Features I love:

- Freekicks
Freekicks are superb now in Winning Eleven 9... Not too easy, not too hard. In Winning Eleven 8 LE, I could score maybe 2 freekick out of 40, now it's much better.

- Slower, more realistic gameplay.

- better animations :applause:

- improved goalkeepers :applause:

- much improved, superb and exciting shooting system :applause:

- overall, much more realistic ball physic

- can choose much more formations now

- better camera angle

- no slowdowns at all

90 of the time % I play versus with my friend, so I don't care much about AI and stupid CPU interactions.. :mrgreen:
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12 October 2004
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Stunning game how people can knock this game and say its unplayable are having a laugh its the most realistic football simulation out there to date.


4 July 2005
Im really enjoying the challenge of always trying to brake down the very stable defence of the AI. Ive had so many close games so far and im actually losing games!

its been a long time since ive felt the CPU actually giving me a challenge

no more 1 man glory runs where you can take around about 5 players with Ronaldo with ease. its a battle to get past every player and it feels better for it

How the players receive the ball now is just beautiful. There are so many more options on how to do it. I love how your player holds off the opposition as the ball is coming down to him. Then he just chests it down and controls it.

The middle shoot ability is so lethal when you have some space. And so many times ive tried them they beat the keeper and go cracking off the crossbar!

crosses take real skill in this series and its all to do with the delivery. Try and whip one in under pressure and its most likely a no hoper! When the striker has got some space in the box he converts the quality cross into a bullet header, which the keeper has no chance with.

There are so many brilliant touches to this game i cant believe people are complaining so much. Enjoy it!


8 April 2005
I find the game amazing and much more of a challenge.
I think the AI is solid and the keepers are impossible at times.
This is good as it can only make us better players.
Graphics are sublime and animations top notch.
Sometimes feels as though I'm playing against more than eleven players.
The computers defence is always there.
Still at the stage where I'm getting a lot of 0-0, 1-0 and 1-1 scorelines but I suppose its all part of the learning curve.
Every time a new version comes out everybody complains then after a few weeks everone loves it.

Personally I feel nothing can touch it.


4 July 2005
ClassicD said:

What next, seperate areas for positive and negative topics? We should be adult enough to discuss our views on WE9, positive and negative, in one topic.
Why not?

Why shouldnt we have a positive thread. I wanna hear what people actually enjoy about this game. Im tired of all these complaints that we cant really do nothing about.

I know the game isnt perfect and so does everybody else. If you want an argument then post in that thread


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8 August 2004

feels so realistic!

-you can actually physically shield/shove players off the ball now.

-The referee doesnt give away stupid free-kicks as soon as you go near the oppositions player...

-you can pass a lot smoother which then enables you to create a lot of space for yourself:)

-shooting is superb now! especially with a player who has the 'Middle Shot' special ability,

-Like the new keeper animations, throwing etc.

-Ronaldinho's free kick style also kicks ass

-Virtually no slowdown anymore-although the crowd are missing in some stadiums

-Corner kicks are good now....

I could go on and on because this game is so good!

PS. how do yuo do a 'lay-on' pass when you have a free kick? it used to be R3 in WE8 but I dont know what it is now? any help?

Pere Ubu

29 October 2002
Played a few games last night with FC Gronigen and ADO Den Haag, cos I wanted to try the "weaker" teams, and one thing I'll say for them, they've bothered to make individual players stand out a bit more now. There were basically two guys on the Gronigen team who could dribble, one of whom was also a good passer, and a couple of tough nuts in midfield, so within a couple of minutes I was playing to the team's strengths, and if I wanted to beat a man with skills I had to get the ball to Levchenko or whatever he's called... unlike WE8LE where unless you knew the players already, you just couldn't tell who was supposed to be the playmaker in your team cos almost everyone could dribble and chip lovely passes.

Still, I played 4 games with them and three were 0-0, so either Erik Nevland is an appalling striker or it's still too difficult to score...

Swallow The Sun

Anything beside the game play is awesome, incredible and fantastic! Long live Winning eleven! :)
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