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WE9I online in USA



WE9:International (USA) version always comes around late winter, early spring time. This is fantastic. I know Jumbo will be thrilled.


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Winning Eleven 9 will feature full team rosters and official kits for all clubs playing in the Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and Dutch Eredivisie leagues, and also some of the world's biggest clubs from famous European leagues. New additions include English champions Chelsea and runners-up Arsenal, while the 'Old Firm' Scottish clubs of Rangers and Celtic will also be included. Norwegian Champions Rosenburg will also be joined by Portuguese giants FC Porto, Turkey's Galatasaray SK, Denmark's FC Kopenhagen, Ukraine's Dynamo Kiev, and Djurgarden from Sweden

It mentions teams thet are not licensed in WE9 and as it is always a direct port of the PES game it might be good news for ppl buying PES5


becanes said:
In that article it says Winter 2006. That doesn't sound right.
winter 2006 begins december 05' and finishes 'til march 06', if it is what you've thought, that would be winning eleven 10


I alsmost fainted when i read this a coupe days ago on gamespot.com.

I'll be sticking with the PS2 version. . unless you guys prefer to get your asses kicked on Xbox.

What's your console of choice for the online play?


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PS2, EVERYONE PS2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I have nothin against x-box since i never really played many games on it, its just that a lot of us here use ps2 since we play the Jap releases of the game and have our systems modified...... Ok if it is very laggy i would say no but if it doesnt have lag than it will be PS2 4 4 4 4 4 4 life
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