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Wenger steps down

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League 2
16 March 2018
Arsenal F.C.
Very emotional moment for every EPL fan, even Spurs fans probably can't help but shed a tear.

Amazing man whose legacy, class, support and skill will not be matched. Absolute legend and I'm sad to see him go...


Champions League
15 December 2011
I agree. Ever since he took over I always enjoyed watching Arsenal play. Some of the football at its peak was breathtaking. Did he stay too long in the end, quite possibly, but some Arsenal fans should be careful what they wish for. Look at what happened to Utd after Ferguson retired and even now they are finally having a bit of success it's hardly the entertainment and free flowing football they were used to for two decades.

I saw Arsenal take my team apart in an FA Cup match (the invincible team) and to this day it's still the best game of football I've ever seen live. There was no way you couldn't applaud the football they were playing. Sensational stuff. We got stuffed and yet I'd never enjoyed a game more. Henry got a standing ovation from the entire crowd when he was substituted. Never before or since have I witnessed that for an opponent. That to me is what football is about at its best. Those days when you come away from the ground and think, that's why I go to football.

Yes, Arsenal have not been great for a few years now, but now and again that magical interplay shows up for a goal or two and brings back those memories of their glory times when it was weekly occurrence. Give me that any day of the week than the turgid bore fest that Mourinho offers up.
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League 2
16 March 2018
Arsenal F.C.
Yeah, I'm really worried that they'll end up switching managers and such constantly and having consistently bad results and worse, less spectacular play.

Arsene's dedication to the game and the club showed in the early 2000s especially.


Retired Footballer
8 January 2002
Over the moon
KRC Genk, Spurs
While SAF is the most succesfull manager, Wenger was the most influential one. He really changed English football.
At times Arsenal played breathtakingly beautiful football, even when they were less successfull (remember that Wilshere goals against Norwich, best goal i ever saw).

Oh, and i'm a Spurs fan...


Stroking Silva's Hair
27 July 2012
Manchester City
Entered as an innovator, left as a dinosaur

Early 2000s I considered him better than Ferguson but that seems laughable now given how Ferguson continually adapted and evolved whilst Wenger stayed the same.

Not particularly sad to see him go. He was very bitter and a whinger. Not remotely classy either despite what some say.

Sad to see the last long term management position go tho. Hopefully the future does still have a place for long term managers. A fool's hope in all likelihood.
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