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What are you listening to?


World Cup Winner
30 August 2005
NOT Lombardia NA.
Today I'll be listening to something by Robyn:

I've discovered her thanks to the local radios broadcasting "With every heartbeat" in late 2007, and I must say that I do like many of her songs.
There's one in particular, a song by Röyksopp where she's featured, which I like better than the others:

Fun fact, the remix by Spencer and Hill of this song used to be in the warm up sets I used to do for a friend all along, but somehow the original version of it (the one of this video) managed to sneak in a couple of sets of mine in late 2019 (out of nowhere, more or less) and completely replaced the remix.
I wish those days of performing live could come back soon, I miss my friend's sets so much.


Evoweb Jester/Stadboardmaker.
14 December 2006
My favourite Led Zeppelin gig.
1967 Royal Albert hall.
Plant on top of his game,Jimmy Paige in a knitted vest/cardigan that his mom gave him.
Can't beat the musicianship here
Just watching this now Awesome! @12.50 ish i hear other bands tracks that were obviously influenced by this. Paranoid- Black sabbath & Thin ice - Pink Floyd :) Does that sound about right?
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