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What do u want in PS3 for PES/WE



What do you like to improve for next gen of PES/WE on PS3 console ?

My opinions:

Feel like the game speed is alright.keep on with that

Goalkeeper when rushing out to save a high ball is not very well done as most of the time , the cpu has take control of him,not matter how you activated a player to challenge him.He always win the ball.

Improve on the interface

Weather conditions so be more obviously show

Pitch condition should be rework.Introduce muddy,slippy,wet and dry pitch .This will effect the speed of the ball and player on certain ground conditions.

Change to a more realistic trsnsfer market by using Euros or pounds instead of wen/pes

All teams and nations are licences.

With PS3 link to network , updating of status and patches so be more easier.

Add in media

AI should be smart enough to change formation when playing against humans


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21 June 2004
What else?

Different play styles unique to the teams. At the moment, all teams seem to play the same .... formations withstandings


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8 January 2002
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A realistic ML structure.
ML conditions that are more customizable.
Online ML (complete ML that is...).
More teams.
Downloadable content.
Game play tweaks...
A couple of less known stadiums (not so important, but while we're at it).

Sabac Red

22 November 2002
All teams and nations are licences.

You forget EA have the licences and development for PS3 games cost helluva lot.

AI should be smart enough to change formation when playing against humans

They already do.

What gerd said more teams please especially international sides they need to add more playable teams not takes them out.

International challenge should be like ML v.2 with every other international mode like copa america, euro championships being in that format, it is such a great mode I can only hope Konami realises this.


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25 April 2002
Vienna, Austria
not like you need a ps3 engine for that changes but:

- if you play a match against a human opponent in cup or league mode, the player who controls the other team (not his selected team but the one playing against him) should be able to make changes to the players, tactics etc. before the game to (now you can only do this after the game started, meaning that every change of a player results in a substitution)

- you should be able to play a champions league like cup or league (first 4 teams in a group with home and away games, then knock out system with home and away games, final is only on game)

- a high ball which got deflected should not always be an easy ball for the keeper (he gets them every time, no matter if you have a large player like crouch near the ball)

- it should be possible that ps-users play against pc-users online

- you should be able to save online goals

- more and new stadiums (new bayern, new arsenal, new wembley)

- the licenced national teams kits hould all be as nicely made as the japanse one

- a better in-game-editor for creating missing logos, sponsors etc.

- goalkeepers have now a 2nd kit but you cant choose it before a game, resulting in situations where the keeper wears almost the same colour as your or the opponent team

- where in pes5 the referees were to harsh, they are now a bit to tolerant in giving fouls

- coach and substitute players on the bench

- 3-d crowds and people around the pitch

- more realistic chants from the crowds

- weather dependend pitches (fast lawn when raining etc.)


One more to go

During a match under hot sunny day , usually we can spot certain area on the pitch is cover by shadow(ususally the roof or the pole which are blocking the sun-ray).The image will reflect on the pitch- YES really look amazing and realistic.As the game is going on for some time , this shadows should be swifted or disappeared by nature behavious of the sunlight and position.Why I say this?It's because when players were playing under hot sun , should get tired very fast wherby some others peferred on the shadow side.Maybe they like to attack on the shadow pitch.


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21 August 2006
I am more worried about sony actually ever releasing ps3 in europe first, then I want to implement some sort of streaker system. When the game gets a little dull the man\woman bares all, and you can make them more endowed with pes points.


Downloadable/updatable faces, kits, boots, balls, stadiums, chants, adboards...

the ability to download everything, in order to keep the game up-to-date.

This is, in my opinion, the greatest improvement of all.


Nick Cave

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10 July 2004
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A true Football Sim based in reality not some crap world with ML's and Wen points. Konami get off your butts and go to football games and watch, listen and learn.
And for crying out loud give us a true European version!!
Stop with the money grabbing drip feed approach, I pra
y someone else would come along and top Konami and EA, with a football Sim I mean not a gun, well maybe Seabiscuit, for talking crap at every interview, oh and every interviewer, for not actually asking any damn relevant questions!!
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I wish there doesn't have to be a need for super cancel. The return of scenario mode. More weather conditions, heavy snow, so the pitch gets white and really heavy rain with puddles on the pitch. A more fun training mode with lots of mini games. Most of all tho, a slower more patient game of football.


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13 December 2005
I would like to see a match on TV, then see a PES match on the PS3, and not know the difference. That simple. Gameplay and graphic wise.

Everything, including subs warming up behind the lines, and coaches shouting at players. Moving jerseys and everything (Fifa already has that).
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