What the.... black screen???


14 October 2005
Vitoria, Spain
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Hello... i'm posting this thread because i'v been like three weeks searching forums and i've got my eyes burnt. The problem is with WE9 International... i've played WE since it was born, and of course, i've edited it always, and never happened this. Lately, reading on Xbox's forums, i've seen they have a similar problem. After editing the game (only new balls, and a bootpack) and finishing a game, the screen blacks out. I still hear crowd voices, and the stadium's music. Even the analog stick button works (as you know, when the ps2 is stucked that buttons LED doesn't turn on/off) and it turns off/on. But the game doesn't run anymore. First of all i thought it was the DB (i changed team names, and i heard that some of them are stored on the SLUS file). But then i tried editing a clean iso, and it goes the same everytime (or almost). So please, if someone knows anything 'bout this ¿bug?... i would apreciate any help.
Thank you in advance ppl!!;)


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1 October 2003
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Ask in the editing forum. It might get more attention and its a valid question to ask in that forum IMO.

Sorry I cant help you myself cuz I dont know anything about this.
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