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Football Shootball
4 September 2006
Chelsea FC,AC Milan
Is PES a really good game?What does it offer??A better gameplay than FIFA.

Anything more??
I think the good words for PES ends here only.Backed up by good graphics rendering capability and no gameplay errors,this game is fighting a battle with the football giants FIFA series.

The most pathetic part of PES are its stadiums;God only knows why they make the pitch grass so dead and yellowish,(does it takes a license to create lively bright green grass pitch with some good textures??)The pitch textures are pathetic,anybody would love to hate them.

The balls are funny and disgusting,forget those ball shines from FIFA,PES balls are not even proper round!!!!!The Nike Aerow II of La Liga is so disgusting that few people have few words to describe them.

I dont know why the team emblems can't be made with higher resolutions,keeping in mind those are used as team flags!Can't the KONMAI team see how bad it looks when the 256 colour texture is enlarged?

Those old ingame-fonts reappears in every PES series,even when these can be changed.I saw a guy in this forum who has replaced those pathetic fonts with some good ones.

Even when there's scope for a good scoreboard,they didn't bother to do it.Did they hope EVO-WEB guys will do that for them?

I think I shouldn't speak about its commentary.

What is painful for PES is it does not give peace or satisfaction after you grab a new PES.Because its guaranteed you will have to search for balls,stadiums,kits,embelms,fonts,boots,faces(missed anything ???)
PES is like platform,upon which the patchmakers build their patches,beacuse PES provides nothing but gameplay.

I personally play PES because of two things,gameplay and patches.If there were no patches PES would never have acclaimed this fame.PES owes a hell lot of things to these patch makers.

Truly speaking,is there anybody who wants to play this game with those deafult afs files??This game is a BIG ZERO without the patches made by Miguel,Spark,NT89,NACK22,Juce,....(the list continues..).Thank you guys,its you all who are transforming the ugly to beautiful.Can't we give some feedback to KONAMI so that in the next release we expect at least some good?


I love lamp
18 March 2006
I agree, though the PS2 probably held back PES in the last releases. Now that PS2 is not in Konami's plans, they can hopefully go apesh*t on their graphics and take some major steps forward. Although I suppose it will take a long time seeing how they still seem to keep the "3 releases a year" thing. I mean, you hardly get a chance to buy it before there is a in another language, with improved gameplay etc etc. They need to get some focused efforts and more streamlined work imo.
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