Where's DarioX


7 August 2004
Anybody have or heard of this patch? I'm currently using X-Group's, great

patch just want to try DarioX, some say its better. If u have this patch

how does it compare to X-Group's, Post a link if possible, tia.


League 2
26 December 2004

I've used DarioX's fianl patch, witch a think is a very good one! I've also tried out Baustoff's and that also was a great patch, but currently I'm using gendokari's reloaded version of X-groups 1.3 patch. I've done some small editing with it: A couple of pitches changed, some kits added, changed the colorfull nets to default and my own bootpack/ballpack. So far I think gendokari's is the best.. Sorry but I don't have DarioX's final patch around anymore, search other forum's (PESInsight maybe, you'll have to register) for the patch..

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