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which backline a,b or c is the best ?


League 2
1 April 2005
good question as I would also like to know! I presume we are talking about WE10? I used to prefer C but i dont think it works in WE10!


Serie A
18 August 2004
This is setting how well your defenders hold their line, which allows them to play an offside trap easier

If you set it to C you'll get caught on the backfoot a lot, and if you set it to A their stamina supposedly drains faster

I keep mine on A as I dont find it makes much of a difference to their performance :\


Krèg ut zuâh!
3 August 2004
joehax said:
I keep mine on A as I dont find it makes much of a difference to their performance :\
Strange! I find it matters a lot to their performance! It also depends if you are playing the CPU or a human opponent. Against humans setting your backline to A can be suicidal. Especially when the players relies on throughballs or lobs etc. If your defenders aren't good enough or fast enough, you're toast! The piggyback guide put it beautifully: "Setting the backline to B is the middle ground in more than one sense...". This is also my experience, on B you are always safe.
In WE10, though, I've noticed that C now is more risky than A. Backline on A actually plays OK for me now against humans as well (but only if they are the dribbling kind!)
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