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Why there is no WE10/JL Master League Thread?


League 2
6 August 2003
Why there is no WE10/JL Master League Thread?

Is there nobody who plays the Master League on the WE10/JL? Or are we just playing this one but don't have the need to tell it here on the forum?

I am playing the ML on WE10JL. The structure is I think better than WE10 or PES6. Playing 6 leagues (English, where I am in, Italien, Spanish, Dutch, French and also the J-league 1 and 2) next to each other, and with al the clubs. So not only 16.

What do you think guys?


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22 February 2004
califas norte
i haven't seen a patch with a complete Bundesliga (unless i'm blind), is probably the reason why i haven't played WE10JL in awhile :( . until then, it's still PES6. but i still like both!
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