Will it ever be possible to patch pes6 on the 360


9 June 2003
Sorry if this has ever been mentioned before but i was just wondering is it impossible full stop or sometime in the future if some tool where released could it happen.
If not why is this because its possible to make a image of the game on your pc.


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23 February 2004
i thought i would have been possible seeing as though the 360 has a 20gb hard drive, you can do it with the ps2 hard drive


9 June 2003
I hope it will happen but i think theres a big stumberling block something to do with contents of the disc im sure i read somewhere it would be impossible but i can't remember thats why i asked the question


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19 October 2004
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If you change/patch anything on the xbox360 game wise, you change the signature of the game, this makes the game unable to boot on the 360. Consoles that have been modded to play backups are exact copies of the original and even contain the security sector of the game itself.

Unfortunately, until unsigned software, or homebrew can be used on the 360 - we wont see a patched version of the game.


I think it will be :) Konami will definitely release an update, either through Marketplace or by update. They have to, the people are asking for it and they cant ignore the call imo.


konami can patch the game - yes. If you look at other games, they have been patched (although only including bug fixes etc.)

although i doubt memebrs of the public can


3 December 2005
Konami need to patch the game at the end of January anyway because of the January transfer window, otherwise this games gonna be out of date real fast!


4 December 2004
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It will be out of date before its even released in the United States, meaning I won't buy their pathetic excuse for a game until they at least restore the MLS license they had in 1998-2001


9 June 2003
I can't beleive that beckham is still captain of England and in the team i mean the game was released end of Oct and the fooker quit in july whats that all about , the money deal must of been done before the world cup ??


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14 July 2003
lol zidane is also still in france. I mean come on konami, you dont need a liscense to leave a player out right?
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