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Will the english premier league be licensed in pro 6

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9 January 2006
Hi all

Since all this pro 6 announcements have happened ive been exited. But not much has been said about english premier league clubs being licensed. So my question to all of u is do u know if it will be licensed. Thx in advance ;) ;)


19 December 2002
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AC Milan
Yes I'm sure since FIFA owns the rights to the Premiership, Konami can't own the whole thing. WE10, which is the equivelent of PES6 also does NOT have the Prem licensed.


8 June 2006
I don't get it, FIFA own all the licenses yet Konami have some?

I understand the thing that Konami can only have two from certain leagues, but why not two from France? why only one from Germany? why cna't they add teams like Corinthians? why no licenses for Boca and River?

Why can they do about 6 national teams?

Personaly I think it's Konami being too stubborn, why bother spending alot of money on a license when quite frankly, it won't make an ounce of difference to the game? in my eyes they have made up their mind the amount of licenses they have now is more than enough, when it blatantly isn't.

If they do get more for WE11/12 we will know all along I was right, because you can't have two seperate companies having a license each for the same league, it's impossible.


not by pes6 mabye pes8 or 9 mabye know one will play any ea games and they could go bankcrupt and then konami could get it


12 December 2001
Thread locked. Shouldn't be hard to miss that this area is for Winning Eleven only. You wanna talk about PES, use its corresponding board areas. Thanks!


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21 February 2003
Just to add, txt spk iz shyt, you have a whole keyboard in front of you, so use it.
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