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Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer: 2007 Release Date


Retired Footballer
15 March 2003
Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer: 2007 isn't the new Winning Eleven it's just the american version of PES6

You need wait the WE from Japon, and i think it's only on PS3/PS2 and Wii i think.


23 October 2002
why are they releasing this for the notmal XBOX and not PES6 for the normal XBOX. It doesnt make sense to me as Americans generally aren't interested in football or "soccer" yet we here in europe love it. I want PES6 for XBOX


24 April 2006
Here and there.
Arsenal, FC Porto
Well ..most people don't care about the American WE titles.. nowdays even WE fans that come from the states like myself import Japanese Winning Eleven ..that way you don't have to wait almost half a year for the American release..

Winning Eleven 11 is the game we should be looking after.. and PES6.
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