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World Cup 2006 on PES5


Reaching for Glory
1 October 2006
Liverpool, England
OK PES5 dosen't have 4 teams, Angola, Trinidad & Tobago, Togo and Ghana so how do you create the World Cup, simple if you follow these steps. \\:o/

1. You create the teams from Club Teams by swapping if there in PES5 (eg. Essien) or creating them and then you enter them into a Konami Cup with Any Team, 32 Teams and A-H. You'll need to Restart PES5 if you want the Original Clubs.

2. Here are the Teams

Angola http://worldatlas.com/webimage/flags/countrys/africa/angola.htm

Choose from scratch, 128 pixels, edit pixels.
Rectangle with Red Base
use grid tool to horizontally dissect the rectangle and use it as a guide to draw a black line across the middle, fill the bottom section black and the emblem is where you come in, draw it as best as you can, can't help you there.

(eg. Name-Ricardo, Height-183cm, Age-36, Foot-R, Position-GK)
Name Height Age Foot Position
Ricardo 183 36 R GK
Jacinto 168 31 R SB
Lebo-Lebo 193 28 R CB
Jamba 168 31 R CB
Macro Abreu 177 27 L SB
André 175 27 R AMF
Figueiredo 170 33 R DMF
Mendonca 172 23 R AMF
Edson 177 26 R SMF
Akwa (make up his height, doesn't state height) 29 R CF
Maurito 182 24 R CF

Lama (make up height) 25 R GK
Kali 187 27 R CB
Rui Marques (make up height) 24 R CB
Loco 184 21 R CB/DMF
Delgado 178 26 L CB
Valente 173 36 L LB
Ze Kalanga 170 22 R CM
Freddy 175 26 R CM
Gilberto 176 23 L CM
Mantorras (Malyorras) Lisbonera (Benfica) Other Leagues A
Flavio 175 26 R SS
Love 183 27 R CF


Shirt Type 1 (no collar) Colour: 29-06-01
Part 1: Off
Part 2: C11 Colour: 29-06-01
Part 3: A19 Yellow (You can use black since it's that colour in PES6)
Part 4: A6 Black

Shorts C13
29-06-01, black, black, 29-06-01

Socks C8
29-06-01, black, 29-06-01

Name: Font 5 Type 1
Number: Font B3 Colour: Yellow


Shirt Type 1 (no collar) Colour: White
Part 1: Off
Part 2: C11 White
Part 3: Off
Part 4: A6 29-06-01

Shorts C13 white, 29-06-01, 29-06-01, white

Socks C8 white, 29-06-01, white

Play them in a 4-1-2-1-2 with a diamond midfield as if conceding switch to 5-3-2.

Will do the rest within the next few days if I can. ;)


Reaching for Glory
1 October 2006
Liverpool, England
timsmith10000 said:
lmao mate.

Surely you haven't gone to all that trouble????

PES5 in finished...
World Cup has finished...
An option file has this all on....
This was those who didn't have to get PES6 or other things that won't download and can't get PES6 yet.

RlCARD0 said:
PES5 finished...
Only for those who can afford PES6. (Runs to get PES6)
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