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World Cup 2010 - Brazil Thread - Hexa so em 2014

Ret KiT

25 March 2007
imo those new players should've been in the squad, remember Ronaldinho in 2002? Ready or not if they have skills they will show it off and pull some good plays.


Too Black, Too Strong
5 September 2006
I think Tim Vickery summed it up best in his blog:

There were signs in the tournament that he was out of his depth, that anger was controlling him instead of him channelling the anger. In the press conference after the Ivory Coast game he looked like a man in need of therapy, muttering and swearing under his breath at one of the least offensive members of the Brazilian press corps.

Whatever controversies may exist about his philosophy of play and his selection policy, there was much to admire in the work he carried out in his first coaching job - as his players showed in a magisterial first half performance against the Dutch.

But as well as picking the players and determining the tactics, one of the key functions of the coach is to set the emotional tone of the team - and here the occasion proved too big for Dunga.

On the touchline he was a nervous wreck, wailing his disapproval of every decision that went against his side, pummelling the dug out and looking a picture of despair. An uptight coach inevitably produces an uptight team.

After the Dutch equalised, Brazil suffered a collective emotional collapse, and when this happens there is no one to blame but the coach. An obsession with arguing with refereeing decisions can spread from the touchline to the pitch.

Robinho spent much of the second half protesting and with two minutes to go Gilberto Silva was pleading with the referee to give a Dutch player a yellow card - a total irrelevance at that stage in the game.

Brazil were praised as a team of '11 Dungas,' all with the warrior spirit of the man who selected the side, but that backfired badly in the quarter-final - under pressure they became 11 nervous wrecks, a reflection of their inexperienced coach.
Maradona wasn't the only "inexperienced" coach who looked out his depth emotionally at this World Cup. It's a huge shame because unlike Maradona, Dunga came here fully prepared with one of the most well-balanced Brazil sides in recent memory.

But ultimately, Brazil were once again defeated by their biggest enemy. Themselves.


World Cup Winner
29 July 2003
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Good review indeed...

Imo we went from non-fighting players(2006) to too much fighting players... like we overexagerated on the "warrior" aspect of it, and when Holland tied the game we missed cool temper to go on and show we could score another goal. Robinho is the perfect reflect of it, in 2006 he came out of our loss all smiling and complimenting the french players, while this year u could see he lost his temper and started discussing and shouting at everyone.

As aways, balance is the best thing to have... u have to fight, but u also have to cool down and stay focus when things arent looking very good. Brazil players got frightned to lose the macth once Holland tied, and by that they forgot that they could win it too, the 2nd goal was just a concequence.
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20 September 2005
Chatbox, Brazil
I don't think we should be that hard on Dunga, but also not that soft.
He has his flaws, the unappropriated nervous behavior during the game transferring to the players, hate to say I told you so.

And the major one imo, the lack of flexibility, the: 'oh lets not call unexperienced players' is all bs to me, the technical, tactical even the pressure level of WC is overrated, yes I said it, the pressure in WC is overrated. The atmosphere is neutral, players are friendly and heck handle the pressure is kinda of the coach's job, maybe Dunga knew he couldn't do that for being a nervous bitch (with all due respect Mr. Dia de Fúria) and chose to not call young guns.

It should all be about building teams and he kinda of did that, in dull forced way anyway. Was more like a group than a team.

Long story short he paid for what most people said when he first got the job, lack of experience. Players might not need that much but coaches do, really do, it should be a freaking major request before you pick yours.

I'm sure if he comeback one day he will do much better. CBF's dictators will never give him a chance, but I have hopes of a revolution happening and we finally have a serious federation.


25 October 2007
São Paulo FC
We just have to admit that sometimes there are better and more prepared teams than Brazil. And I know... It's hard to do :P (I'm not saying "we couldn't win that match anyway")
2 November 2007
Vasco da Gama


20 September 2005
Chatbox, Brazil
That vid presentation make it looks even worse.

And these two alternatives aren't the official ones are they?
They look like the South Africa one. It can't be real.

The whole Globo and pseudo-celebs that chose the logo and pretty much are owning everything 2014 related is a joke.

GTFO Ricardo Teixeira and clowns!

Maybe I was naive thinking this was FIFA competition and such crap wouldn't be tolerated.
2 November 2007
Vasco da Gama
Achei nesse site:







A mascote que irá representar o evento é uma Arara Azul (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), pois é uma espécie originalmente descoberta nas matas brasileiras, e hoje é encontrada praticamente, apenas aqui, tornando-se exclusividade nacional. Além de possuir as cores da Bandeira Nacional, é uma ave exuberante, porém está no grupo dos animais ameaçados de extinção.

O nome da Mascote é Ciere, que provém da palavra Miscere, cujo significado é miscigenação em latim, a qual a Língua Portuguesa é derivada.

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I like Unicorns
17 August 2007
Estoril | Knicks
Flavia Alessandra surely is one of them :TU:
The birds are back!
Oh yeah, she's very beautiful and an excellent professional, essential conditions to be one of my birds.

I'm watching her in that soap opera with a monkey painter, really funny stuff. That's why I chose her to be my first bird of this new season. :))


20 September 2005
Chatbox, Brazil
That's one of the novelas I actually liked :LOL:
Flavia's daughter is hilarious, there are loads of funny characters too, I didn't followed it closely but saw some episodes.
The time these things air is horrible for me, and tivo is very expensive here.

Totally :OT: and kinda of embarrassing :LOL: but I bet there are a bunch of noveleiros here.


I like Unicorns
17 August 2007
Estoril | Knicks
Choquei pirua! :LOL:
The 3 baianos are very hilarious too.

I'm currently watching Caras & Bocas and Cama de Gato (here they call A Armadilha - I suppose cama de gato is a brazilian proverb).
I must admit, I'm a noveleiro and I know is totally offtopic but, who cares, World Cup is almost an offtopic talk these days. Maybe we shout create a Novelas forum. :P
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2 November 2007
Vasco da Gama
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Marcelo (Real Madrid) - 22 anos
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Dodô (Corinthians) - 17 anos
Felipe Luis (La Coruña) - 24 anos

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