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World Cup 2010 - Korea DPR Thread

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22 February 2009
Suwon, Korea Republic
Suwon Bluewings & Man Utd

Korea DPR 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA™ Official Squad List

KIM Jong Hun

1. RI Myong Guk (Pyongyang City) / 18. KIM Myong Gil (Amrokgang) / 20. KIM Myong Won (Amrokgang)

2. CHA Jong Hyok (Amrokgang) / 3. RI Jun Il (Sobaeksu) / 5. RI Kwang Chon (April 25) / 8. JI Yun Nam (April 25)

13. PAK Chol Jin (Amrokgang) / 14. PAK Nam Chol (Amrokgang) / 16. Nam Song Chol (April 25) / 21. RI Kwang Hyok (Kyonggongop)

4. PAK Nam Chol (April 25) / 6. KIM Kum Il (April 25) / 11. MUN In Guk (April 25) / 15. KIM Yong Jun (Pyongyang City)

17. AN Yong Hak (Omiya Ardija) / 19. RI Chol Myong (Pyongyang City) / 22. KIM Kyong Il (Rimyongsu) / 23. PAK Sung Hyok (Sobaeksu)

7. AN Chol Hyok (Rimyongsu) / 9. JONG Tae Se (Kawasaki Frontale) / 10. HONG Yong Jo (FK Rostov) / 12. CHOE Kum Chol (April 25)


2010.05.16 vs Paraguay 0:1 Lose ('40 Roque Santa Cruz - PK)
2010.05.26 vs Greece 2:2 Draw ('2 Katsouranis, '23 Jong Tae Se, '49 Charisteas, '52 Jong Tae Se)
2010.06.06 vs Nigeria 1:3 Lose ('15 Yakubu Aiyegbeni, '62 Victor Obinna, '66 Jong Tae Se, '88 Obafemi Martins)


Group G
2010.06.15 vs Brazil 1:2 Lose ('55 Maicon, '72 Elano, '89 JI Yun Nam)
2010.06.21 vs Portugal 0:7 Lose
2010.06.25 vs Cote d'Ivoire 0:3 Lose
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Champions League
13 July 2006
Argentina & Watford
Pity the vast majority of the North Korean public will be unable to see any of the World Cup.

And only North Korean goals and highlights will be shown on television.


Champions League
13 July 2006
Argentina & Watford


23 January 2007
Number 9 looks a good player, nice physique and a good touch :)
He could be a decent striker in Europe if they let him play abroad, of course.


World Cup Winner
17 May 2008
German NT
I don't like their leader and I don't like his politics, but the way they played today impressed me much. I am very happy that their work was partly worth it when the scored the goal. Definitely one of the positive surprises for me during the early days of this tournament.

@Shazam!: Yes, he does.


Shot Technique RIP
20 September 2008
Manchester United
They showed how to fight for your country!So motivated, they are playing against Brazil, and still playing without any fear of them!

I wish our guys are more like that...:(


Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
martin tyler said the fans where hand pick actors from China and the president calls to a direct line on the pitch. Ant truth he was laughing at the time....just curious


Eagles fly high
25 March 2008
did u heard about whats going on there ,i feel sorry for these guys..

North Korean football team shamed in six-hour public inquiry over World Cup..
North Korea's football team has been shamed in a six-hour public inquisition and the team's coach has been accused of "betraying" the reclusive leader's heir apparent following their failure at the World Cup, according to reports.

The hapless players spent six hours being lectured, in public, on their failure, during which they were accused of ‘betraying’ a son of dictator Kim Jong-il.

The team's coach, Kim Jong-hun, was reportedly forced to become a builder and has been expelled from the Workers' Party of Korea.

Experts on North Korea say the players actually got off rather lightly. ‘In the past, North Korean athletes who performed badly were sent to prison camps,’ one intelligence source said.

The broadcast of live games had been banned to avoid national embarrassment, but after the spirited 2-1 defeat to Brazil, state television made the Portugal game its first live sports broadcast ever.

What a country man,so scary
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Champions League
13 July 2006
Argentina & Watford
It is a disgrace.

Bit like when Saddam Hussein's son ordered the Iraqi players to be beaten on their return from the WC in 1986 where they played some decent football.
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