World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 - anyone know?


14 August 2005
According to konami, there are some differences between we9 e pes5,

"Winning Eleven 9 features new animations, new clubs and leagues, a refined Master League, and online play with players around the world! Take your favorite team online and prove your skills by progressing through the online divisional ranking system."

Anyone saw it? Anyone already bought?

tks to all

Doubla R

13 April 2005
I bought the game, a few weeks ago, and I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I downloaded an option file, and when I play it, I notice it is different from the option file I had made before I bought the max drive. The reason why I think is different is because the OF is actually a PES5 OF so I don't know if there are any new differences, but to me it feels different, it also feels like is harder, I play on 3 stars.


14 August 2005
i think is different too......

but they didnt update de database...... nothing changes....
but i noticed some new movements and the game is less simulation and more arcade, i think.
please let me know your opinions
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