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X marks the spot


2 November 2004
If it ain't broke then don't fixe it...

Why in the world did Konami decide to use this huge X to mark the area where a high ball will land? It annoys me a lot. I never even heard anyone complain about the small yellow dott that was used in PS2 version. It already was great the way it was. PES is all about trying to make the experience as reall as possible and what do they do, bring in some arcade like yellow X. Why? Does anybody know the reason behind this decision?


it used to be a yellow dot? as far as i can remember it was a yellow X


I love lamp
18 March 2006
It is good that they have tha X since it is alot easier knowing exactly where the ball will land. If the X wasn't there, perspective could sometimes trick you and you would be way off.
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