xbox live quitters?


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20 August 2005
I'm looking to get a copy of Pro Evo 5 on the xbox and play it on my xbox 360. but with all this talk of lag online and so many quitters, i don't even see the point.

Is the lag really that bad?

I never quit games but if the lag is that bad on so many occasions maybe the person you are playing is getting worse lag then you. happened to me all the time on the PC version.


13 July 2005
yo man i have to say if you come to u will find qaulity people playin PES5 as i am 1 myself.

Lag issues all dpend on wat u and ur oponent are doin, for instance if have msn n web windows open that will cause lag due to bandwidth bein used

but if u wanna avoid ppl tryin to cheat and lag u out come to reel good community and gets rid of the cheaters and laggers
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