Champions League Final - Who will you be supporting?

Champions League Final - Who will you be cheering on?

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is back...but for how long?
27 November 2001
East Lower, Block 13
Arsenal FC
This is not a poll for who you think you will win, rather who you will be Supporting?

I am always interested to see who supports who especially from the fans of other English teams when another English side plays in Europe.
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Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
C`mon Arsenal (I will always support English teams in Tournaments,Down w/ EPL)and you Know this MAN!


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
I hope for a good match and that the best team may win..


League 1
16 February 2003
I'ma bit split on this one. I want barca to win as its the team i follow in spain, but on the other hand i would like an english side to win it again, just to prove that the premiership is in the top two of the best leagues in the world (up to you between spain and italy).

But then i don't really want my arsenal mates to think that they are now the best side in the world, when clearly they aren't.

Dead Man

RuneEdge said:
Its always English teams for me but Barca are different...

They should of won it last year. If it was Arsenal against anyone else then i would of supported them.

However, Barca are class.


Retired Footballer
27 April 2002
C'Mon the Gooners but only cuz there English

Having said that my mate supports em and would love to take the piss out of there trophyless season


Mediocentro defensivo
13 July 2004
Arsenal! It is always Spanish teams for me, but too many politics surrounding Laporta's Barça... I will support Cesc and Reyes.


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
I obviously support barcelona, but Arsenal is my favourite english team, mainly because I lived in front of Highbury Stadium for some months and went to watch some premiere matches... and because they play attacking football, not focused on just deffending.

Gedtillo, be honest, you don't support barça because of the old rivalry between us, not because of laporta and politics. Politics are between madrid and barcelona since 70 years ago, it's not just laporta. Or maybe you can't stand we have put a catalan flag in the shirt? It's normal being a catalan club, the flag has always been in our badge for more than 100 years!


10 December 2005
Arsenal/OGC Nice
Arsene Wenger's red and white army!
We hate Tottenham!
Arsene Wenger's red and white army!
We hate Tottenham

Although I fancy Barca I'll cheer for my fav team. :applause:


17 April 2004
North Yorkshire
Barcelona, though I'm really just hoping for a good game of football, something like the F.A. Cup final wouldn't be bad. :p
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