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FUMA MyClub Master League interest/ideas thread (PS4)

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31 December 2017
I’ve had ideas about creating a FUMA league with transfers/promotion relegation/multiple cup competitions for a while now. Even registered the domain www.fuma11.com but realized that what I have in mind is beyond my website making capabilities.

Last night when I got in bed I had an idea that I think has the potential to be brilliant.

A full manual online Master League played in MyClub.

This is how it’s going to work.

Everybody starts out with the default team. If you already have a team in MyClub you will have to either reset or create a team under a new PSN account (I’ll have to do this myself).

The only games played in MyClub will be official FUMA games. This means that the team building process will be slow and no one can gain an advantage SIMing or playing lots of games vs. COM.

One of my gripes with MyClub is that a month into the game everyone has a squad full of superstars. Not very realistic in my opinion.
Opening top agents and special agents will not be allowed. The idea is to build your team slowly.

How will these rules be enforced? Manual players are more honest than assisters on the whole, but from my experience with manual leagues in the past I know that there are always a few players that will use every exploit in the game to gain an advantage. If a rule can’t be enforced it’s not worth having it.

Thinking that I wouldn’t be able to stop people from cheating is what held me back from using MyClub in the past, but I think I have it figured out now.

Every month before a new season starts every team will have to record a short video on PS4 showing their ‘MyClub records’ page. This page shows if you played games vs. COM, Sim Games, used a special agent, etc. This video will be uploaded to a special PS4 group I’ll create. Doing this will take less than 5 minutes.

I’ll make another separate PS4 group to record results. After every league game a screenshot of the result will be posted in that group. I’ll take those results and upload them into a Google spreadsheet for everyone to see. The spreadsheet will have the standings, results, squad list for all teams, and maybe even stats like top goal scorers.

With no way to farm for GP, I think MyClub will do a pretty good job of simulating rewards for good results on the pitch. Teams that win more games will earn more GP and be able to afford better scouts.
Teams that do poorly will find it hard to sign the big names but there will always be that chance that they get taken over by some oil rich oligarch (get lucky with a scout spin, hehe).

All games will be played in MyClub Divisions. Most FUMA players don't play MyClub, so getting matched up using the right Pass Support Level settings shouldn't be a problem.

Proposed Rules.
Let me know what you guys think and if you see any holes in my plan.

Entry requirements:
Open to everyone, of course. However, for this thing to run we need players that won’t disappear in the middle of the season. It might be a good idea to screen for active players in some way. On PEN (Pro Evo Network) they force potential new players to play friendlies and participate in the forums. Maybe we can do something similar. I don’t want to deal with inactive players and incomplete seasons.

Season format:
Regular single table season. Each team plays each other twice. Amount of time given to get the games played is up for debate. With a 10 team league that’s 18 games, plus cup games. I’m thinking somewhere between 2 weeks and a month. Maybe longer. I don’t want to make the schedule too demanding.

League cup. Knockout cup competition. Teams drawn at random.
There will be an option to take a break in between seasons. I understand that sometimes real life gets in the way of PES.

Ideas for the future:
Continental cup (Champions/Europa league style)

Squad limit:
25 players.

Scout limit:
No limit

Not sure. On one hand, in real life a team can only have on manager, but unlike in MyClub that manager can set up his tactics any way he wants. I’m leaning towards having no limit on managers to allow for more tactical flexibility.

New players can be signed via regular scouts or from the auction house. This will happen once at the end of every season, no in-season transfers, this will be too much work for me to manage.

After the transfer period is over you must get your squad down to 25 players (max) and post a screenshot of it in the appropriate PS4 group.

No duplicate players. If you spin a player that’s already on someone’s team he has to be discarded or turned into a trainer. This will be a good incentive to submit your squad list ASAP before the new season.

It would be great if we can figure out a way to transfer players between teams but I can't really think of any way to do it now. The team buying could bid 20k GP on a Philippines scout (that they would discard) and make payment that way, for example. I just don't know how
the selling team would get that $GP.

Stamina Recovery:
Not allowed, and this will be great. Now the stamina stat actually matters. Having a player with low stamina will be a real disadvantage. Managers will have to think about how to manage their squad and rotate players to keep everyone fit.

Tactical training: Arcadey, not allowed.

In 2016 I ran the FUMA Elo ‘league’ that attracted 30+ players. I feel like this has the potential to be even bigger than that. With 8+ players we can get started. Hell, we can even do a short season with 6 just to see how it goes.

Will you step up to the challenge and take your white balls to glory?
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