1. T

    Is there an old PES 6 patch for PSP?

    Hello everyone, today I dusted off my old PSP, also finding the good old PES 6, which we all loved. Premise, I'm not English, but Italian, so if I'm wrong to write something, forgive me. I had seen around the update patches of the 06/07 season that unfortunately nowadays it is impossible to...
  2. jproud6

    Can't select sides on PES

    So, I'm doing a Euro 2021 cup tournament offline, controlling Wales, England and Scotland. I've got to the Semi Final now which is England v Wales, and I want to play as Wales, but it won't let me change sides. Why? Is there a way to change to sides? I thought connecting a different controller...
  3. MonztaEnergy


    Does anybody know the old PES that had (franz ferdinand - take me out) song in the main menu, do you know which PES or which patch that was ? I had it on PS2 long time ago and it was my favourite one. I'm nostalgic and wanna play the game again if i could. I can't remember whether it was a WE or...
  4. A

    Crystal Palace Selhurst Park Pes 2021 Camera Problem

    in the real view of this stadium , there is a spare hut in front of the camera. but in the game, the camera is different . guys you know how we can fix this ? . see real view . and see his appearance in the game . how do I turn the camera ?
  5. I


    Hello, i want to edit my map_competitions and i dont know where i can find the tournament_ids Can someone help me? ^^ Thanks Nik
  6. S

    SpoonyPizzas:- A message to owner(s) of Evo Web

    Hello, I'm SpoonyPizzas, you may have heard of me... but I'm going to presume not. I'm a content creator for the PES series for the last year and a half with 24,000 subscribers although have been playing PES since forever (ISS64). I'm in need of a bit of help... I want to help share PC...
  7. C

    Swapping Music in PES for PSP

    Hi all, I am trying to swap/replace some teams' national anthems in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013) for the PSP but not succeeding. Meaning, I want team X's anthem to play but the game is lacking that anthem. Team Y has an anthem. So I want to swap its anthem with an mp3 file of team X's...
  8. miguelfcp

    Project Odyssey

    Messi scores, Barcelona wins. Dybala to Ronaldo, Juventus scores. Juventus wins. Yawn. It's cliché. Common. Ordinary. Boring. Me and my friend @mattmid are tired of playing with the same old teams, and the same old players. The same old leagues and competitions. We've had enough of it...
  9. M

    FIFA10 2019 Patch

    For more details please Contact Me : My Facebook page: MarianTIM's Superpatch 2019 Content (size 4.1 GB ) All updates from my previous Patches are included. See more info Here...
  10. O

    The PS4 PES Most Like The PS2 PES's

    Hi All I used to play PES’s 2 – 6 to death on the PS2. Although I can appreciate the advances in realism the games have made, I think they suffer as video games because of this. Where your imagination would fill in the blanks on previous versions, I think it’s a case of the closer the games...
  11. iamrahatul

    How to convert PES 2018 Scoreboard to PES 2017 ?

    What is the point of having a community that doesn't help you? I asked a lot of questions in this community but no one answers... I need answers.
  12. M

    FUMA MyClub Master League interest/ideas thread (PS4)

    I’ve had ideas about creating a FUMA league with transfers/promotion relegation/multiple cup competitions for a while now. Even registered the domain but realized that what I have in mind is beyond my website making capabilities. Last night when I got in bed I had an idea that I...
  13. K


    Hi, I'm looking to create a clan , really enjoying this new group play on PES18, I'm looking to make a good team. Whose up for it? Add me: kayum_8
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