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I own every game in the series dating back to iss on snes and I consider myself very good at the game. However, I just recently got pes5 and have played a season in 6*, and I didn't score one header all season. I don't cross on corners any more because I am lucky to even win a header. What is the tactic for this version? I would appreciate a short cut rather than learnin for myself.


19 September 2003
You can no longer just hit shoot when the ball is coming in and automatically. I often find as the ball is coming in I'll hit L1 and switch to a different player and then place him in line and score with him instead. You really need to predict the trajectory (spl?) of the ball and position you player well.


23 July 2005
Yeah, I have noticed that too and R2 player positioning was in WE8 as well but worked a lot better. In PES5 the referee will stop the game too often or your player will just touch the other player and will rebound. I hate this new gameplay, I takes the control out of your players, automatic step-sides? Sucks! Seriusly, I am event thinking about switching FIFA 06.
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