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New Kits


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15 March 2003
PSV away

Porto home, away and third

Real home

Liverpool away

Nantes home and away

Marseille home

Lecce kits

FC Barcelona home

Benfica home and away

West Ham home and away

Dynamo Kiev home and away

AS Roma home

Arsenal away and home

Real betis home

Inter Home

Atletico Madrid home

Ajax away

Lyon home and away

Feyenord away

Bayern home

Dortmund home

Galatasaray home
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15 March 2003
Everton home

FC Barcelona away

Valencia home and away

AS Monaco home

Wolverhampton home

Montpellier third, home and away

Saint-Etienne home

Bordeaux third, home and away


23 June 2007
Rab, Croatia
Real Madrid, Hajduk Split
HNK Hajduk Split away

3rd kit which is based on kit they wore in their 2nd year in 1912 with light purple (lavander) shirt and white shorts

New home kit will be presented later


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28 November 2007
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95th anniversary home and away kits Torpedo Moscow

Macron have been by far the best Kitmaker this year, its not even close, their templates and designs are outstanding! No wonder so many teams use them.

So refreshing especially some of the shit we have seen from Puma, Adidas and especially Nike lately.


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15 March 2003
Spain home

Colombia away

Argentina away

Russia home

Wales home

Belgium home and away

Sweden home

Belgium and Spain look very ugly :CONFUSE:
I like Wales
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