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New Kits


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30 August 2005
Too many!
Juve away looks good.
Not too keen on the home though, I like this season's one better if you ask me (even if it doesn't have the stripes).


16 June 2020
Valencia home, away and third 20/21

Chelsea third 20/21
For Thomas goal, Next posting will be in correct place, sorry for any inconvenience caused..(giving back to the community always helps).



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10 July 2008
Real Madrid
Beautiful Ajax 3rd !!! Adidas can still make good kits if they want to.

BTW, I hate this year's Condivo model, in particular the main variation (Real Madrid Home, Juve Away, ...). The other variation is far better (Boca Juniors Home, Celta Vigo Home).

On another note, anyone else is missing the times when the 3 stripes go all the way on the sleeves? Like these for example :

For me, the 3 stripes have a classy effect on kits, and this effect is complete with them covering as much as possible of the arms. I'm not saying adidas should scrap the new 3 types, but since they have more than one variation (shoulders and shirt sides), why not make also models with classic 3 stripes?
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