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Request: New Way to Input Leagues


17 June 2005
I guess this has been done this way because of the terribly old PS2, but why can't we put new leagues and teams into the game? I mean without erasing other teams.

It doesn't make sense the way they do it.

I know the development team reads some of these forums, so if they happen to get this:

Why are the teams and players all tied into the 0_text.afs file? I propose getting rid of this, setting up folders for each league, then subfolders for each team, then include in each team folder the players, logo, chants, banners, etc.

Such as:

Terry, John

You could then drop in whichever new leagues you want to and then the game would read the # of leagues and load them as the game starts up. Each league folder would also have a file that says where the league is, how many fixtures each season is, any league specific banners and chants, etc.

Would this be too logical?

Each person could have their facial textures in their file, or it could be tied to a 0_text.afs type of file, haven't decided which one would be easier to deal with.

Thanks for reading.


Part Timer
21 February 2003
I dont mean to sound like an asshole, but who is this request to exactly? :-k

All Konami would need to do for this is add 50 slots of empty team data, have 35-40 player slots per team and the existing edit menu to edit the teams attributes. That way they could keep the precious afs structure and everything else, just use PS2 disc space, but as we all know, Konami dont like to do things the easy or logical way.
We'll stick to having 64 international teams and however many club teams we're up to at this stage. It's a pity because a change like mine would be very easy to do, although the memory card space required may upset some people. :lol:
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